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I post: outfits that I make based on specific fictional characters as well as anything and everything related to fashion inspired by fiction.

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Hey guys I’m back with another Halloween outfit - The Riddler!

I think going as The Riddler can be an extremely cheap and easy option if you are willing to do a bit of DIY.

What I thought of was finding a green top or shirt at a thrift store, cutting out a good question mark stencil and then just using fabric pens, drawing black question marks all over the shirt.

If you do that, you wouldn’t even necessarily need green leggings or pants, you could go for black / purple or do a green skirt. Add some purple accessories, maybe a green hat if you can find it and then to top off the look either find a purple eye mask or just create one with make-up!

I definitely think this look can be very affordable and you can decide how far you go with it.

Happy Halloween!
Hey guys, here’s another request from July which I had been working on. I decided to play around a bit with the composition of this outfit - let me know if you like the more artistic outfits or if you think I should stick with more basic layouts!

OK, this is embarrassing but this was requested back in July. Better late than never, I guess! I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to do it sooner!

I loved the movie Frozen and really wanted to do this outfit more justice but it’s been sitting in my Polyvore drafts forever now and I decided to just go ahead and publish it. I will probably make a new one down the line!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! Where is the Arya Stark jacket from? This is a cool, site, btw!
fictionallyfashionable fictionallyfashionable Said:

Oh, I seem to have missed this question, I’m so sorry!
You can click the links for all of my outfits which will bring you to my polyvore account. From Polyvore, all items are linked to their original source. When I first started making outfits, I focused 100% on the look of the outfit and less on the price of the items, but as this has become more than just something I do for fun, I have started to choose more affordable items! Sadly, the Arya jacket is not one of those. It’s from Dom & Ruby and costs a wopping thousand pounds. Welp!

I’ve spent about an hour trying to find a decent looking, affordable alternative, and so far haven’t found anything. If I do, I will make a post about it tomorrow or the day after!

2 looks inspired by Lumberjanes which  you could wear for Halloween! 

OK, so obviously these looks do not look like costumes for a lot of people! The looks are more like casual cosplay inspired by the characters. You can then take the look a step further by buying, or creating your own Lumberjanes scout badges and wearing a girl scout sash.  
So, kicking off the Halloween looks with a really easy look! All you need to find is: 
- A red skirt
- An orange  (or yellow) sweater with matching socks
- Red mary-janes (you could get away with black or brown shoes!)
- Glasses 

Everything else is up to you! You could get a brown bob wig to take the look all the way, and make-up is minimal! This is perfect if you are anything like me and are always planning your costume last-minute! 

Happy Halloween!

Hey all!

First of all, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me messages during the past few weeks. I know I have often had to ignore this blog due to my health, but it’s never been quite as bad as in the past 2 months or so.

Essentially what happened is I got viral meningitis, and it wasn’t serious but I did need to be hospitalized for about 24 hours. I then spent the following 10 days or so in a total daze at home, still battling an extreme headache. The following 3-4 weeks or so I still wasn’t feeling 100%, and to some extent I still am recovering. Not from the actual meningitis, but because of my existing health issues, the meningitis sort of sent me spiraling down health wise. But I have been actively trying to get better and am feeling better and better every week!

When I wrote my last post, I was seriously considering abandoning this blog because I feel so guilty when I ignore messages or requests, or I get way behind on requests due to my health. However, as many of you have pointed out in messages - it’s totally fine that some things take time, but I should keep on with the blog since I really enjoy doing it!

I am also working on some exciting things regarding make-up, and will be collaborating with a good friend of mine who is a make-up artist. In the meantime, I will also be posting a handful of Halloween outfits like I did last year. Since it’s already the 11th, I cannot promise that I will post many outfits, but I will try my best to do a few cool looks and would love for you guys to send any requests my way. I am actually thinking of posting Halloween outfits until Sunday November 9th - because even though Halloween is on the 31st, there are Halloween parties being held the following weekend!

I am SUPER excited to be back, thanks again for all the support and hope that you all have an amazing Halloween!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
you should do more mens :P
fictionallyfashionable fictionallyfashionable Said:

You’re totally right! I will try to do more men’s outfits :)

Hey guys, sorry for not updating the blog in FOREVER. I got sick again, then a little bit more sick, and then I got meningitis. I’m getting better, slowly, but to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not 100% sure what the future of Fictionally Fashionable will be like.

I will continue blogging on my main blog, but I will have to think about my other internet endavours…. Sorry! I will let you know what hapens.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Anna and Elsa from Frozen?
fictionallyfashionable fictionallyfashionable Said:

I have been working on an Elsa outfit for sooo long. It will probably be up in the next few days! :)