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A blog dedicated to fashion inspired by fictional characters.

I post: outfits that I make based on specific fictional characters as well as anything and everything related to fashion inspired by fiction.

Feel free to request an outfit, I answer ALL requests and try to do them as quickly as I can.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Anna and Elsa from Frozen?
fictionallyfashionable fictionallyfashionable Said:

I have been working on an Elsa outfit for sooo long. It will probably be up in the next few days! :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you please do some Harry Potter and Doctor Who inspired outfits? Thank you so much!
fictionallyfashionable fictionallyfashionable Said:

I have some HP and Doctor Who outfit in the works! They will probably be finished in the next few days :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you do a look based on Margaery Tyrell and house Tyrell? :)
fictionallyfashionable fictionallyfashionable Said:

Yes!! Working on this right now :D

An outfit based on Batgirl’s new outfit.
Hope you like it! Still working on some requests :) I have a feeling this will be one of many variations of this outfit since I am obsessed with her new outfit.

By the way, the link above is to my main tumblr. I have been somewhat shy about linking to there from here before, but I don’t really know why. Everyone I know in real life knows about fictionallyfashionable, so why not connect the two? My main blog is mostly about female fictional characters, so they are kind of related :) Check it out if you want to follow and get to know more about me!

I have been getting messages about why I haven’t posted anything yet - and believe me, I am working on it! I am going through the requests I have and already have some outfits in the works! Stay tuned :) 

Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been having quite a tough time of it lately, for various and complicated and annoying reasons. However, after almost three months, things are FINALLY starting to look up. And seriously, the number one thing on my to-do list when everything settles list is start this blog up again since I have so much fun running it.

I am so sorry to all of you who sent me requests like weeks ago. Just remind me of them if you still want me to do them.

I also have a super exciting announcement: I will be collaborating with my friend who is a make-up artist to make some make-up looks based on characters for the blog. Check out her blog & instagram. She is amazingly talented and pretty and I can’t wait to work with her on looks for the blog - so start requesting make-up looks for us to do!

Another announcement: I am also going to start playing around a bit more with characters, such as doing different versions of characters, such as steampunk or goth versions. Please feel free to request outfits like this!

Can’t wait to hear from you guys again!


Check out this cute Adventure Time skater dress from Black Milk Clothing. How awesome would this be for the summer time?

Aand another Game of Thrones outfit! I’m sorry! Really love this one, though!
A season four look for Bo from Lost Girl. This was requested by anonymous.
I hope you like it!